Market data suggests the E-commerce revenues in India to touch the mark of a massive $38 billion in 2016. The success of any business depends on its marketing. Digital promotions are largely different from the conventional formats of TV, Radio, Billboards, and Print media. It is more extensive in several unique ways. The audience enjoys maximum control in deciding on whether to access particular ads. Advertisers have the benefit of reaching out to the willingness of the audience in a meaningful, personal way.

The significance of delivering creativity remains the same in all formats, but over the internet one depends more on static visuals and catchy text. The online medium also allows fantastic privileges of extensive analytics and prompt lead generation.

Essentially, Digital Marketing can be categorized into three distinct categories. Most of it is done by Search Engine Optimization, which is an imperative requirement to set up a website. SEO is a huge field with a host of tasks undertaken behind the scenes in making sure a particular site lists in the first page of Google. Probably, more than 90% of digital marketing is organic.

Next, one could choose to invest in PPC or Pay Per Click, which is basically a cross between sponsorship and organic SEO. Our expert PPC specialists work rigorously to see your ads have a better chance of coming up in targeted keyword searches. Finally, some sites such as youtube allow direct sponsorship where clients pay to buy time slots by the site guidelines. Contact our professional Digital marketing specialists to evaluate the strategies best fit for your budget.